I Specialize in creating custom works of art for any occasion.  I enjoy working closely with clients and finding creative solutions to bring their inspirations to life.  While working on a commission, I take a deep dive with the client and work back and forth over a series of conversations and sketches to get the concept just right.  Then I provide updates and images of the process,  creating opportunities to refine the work while i create the piece.
Abstract, Contemporary, Landscapes, or Illustrations, any scale, on demand to meet your budget and time frame.
Works can be on Canvas or panel or even a mural on a wall.  Reach out to me and lets work together to realize your ideas.

While creating this painting for a law office with partners that competed in Ironman races, I began to develop two separate versions, one a bit looser and one a a bit tighter and more illustrative.  Ultimately I liked them both and so I wound up creating two, and letting the client choose between them.

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